Are the Gospels the Life of Jesus?

The Gospels are the first four books of the New Testament, which are Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. These books are considered as the primary source of information about the life of Jesus Christ.

However, there have been debates over the years about whether or not they offer a complete picture of Jesus’ life. In this article, we will explore this question in-depth.

What are the Gospels?

The Gospels are written records that document the teachings and life of Jesus Christ. They were written by four different authors and provide different perspectives on Jesus’ life and ministry. Each Gospel has its unique style and emphasis.


Matthew was a tax collector before becoming one of Jesus’ disciples. His gospel emphasizes Jesus as the fulfillment of Jewish prophecy and focuses on his teachings.


Mark’s gospel is considered to be the earliest one written. It emphasizes Jesus’ actions more than his teachings and focuses on his miracles.


Luke was a physician who traveled with Paul on his missionary journeys. His gospel emphasizes Jesus as a healer and savior of all people, not just Jews.


John was one of Jesus’ closest disciples and wrote his gospel later than the other three. His gospel emphasizes Jesus as divine and focuses on his relationship with God.

Are the Gospels Complete?

The Gospels provide a detailed account of many events in Jesus’ life, but they do not cover every moment or detail. For example, we do not have any information about what happened during most of Jesus’ childhood or young adult years.

Additionally, some scholars argue that certain events or teachings may have been left out intentionally by the Gospel writers to emphasize their particular message or theology. This is known as selective tradition.

However, it is important to remember that the Gospels were not intended to be comprehensive biographies. Their purpose was to provide a theological account of Jesus’ life and teachings and to communicate his message to the early Christian communities.


In conclusion, while the Gospels provide a wealth of information about Jesus’ life, they are not necessarily complete biographies. Each author had their unique perspective and message they wanted to convey. As such, it is essential to read all four Gospels together to get a fuller picture of Jesus’ life and ministry.