Are There Crystals at the Natural History Museum?

If you’re a fan of crystals, then you might be wondering if the Natural History Museum has any on display. The answer is yes! The Natural History Museum in London has an extensive collection of geological specimens, including many beautiful crystals.

Where to Find Crystals at the Natural History Museum

If you’re specifically interested in crystals, then head straight to the Minerals gallery. Here, you’ll find a breathtaking array of crystals, from tiny specimens to massive geodes. The gallery is arranged thematically, with cases dedicated to different types of minerals such as quartz or feldspar.

The Famous Vault

One particular highlight is the Vault gallery, which features some of the museum’s most impressive and valuable specimens. Here, you’ll find giant amethyst geodes, sparkling diamond clusters, and other rare and precious stones.

Other Galleries with Crystals

But it’s not just in the Minerals gallery where you can find crystals at the Natural History Museum. The Earth Hall also has a few cases dedicated to minerals and rocks found in different parts of the world.

Learning More About Crystals at the Natural History Museum

If you want to learn more about crystals and other geological specimens at the museum, there are plenty of resources available. Audio guides are available for rent at the entrance for a small fee, which provide detailed information about each exhibit.

There are also interactive displays throughout many of the galleries that allow visitors to learn more about specific minerals or geological processes.

And if you really want to delve deep into crystal lore and metaphysics, there are often special exhibitions or events held at the museum that explore these topics in detail.


So if you’re looking for a fix of crystal beauty and knowledge, be sure to make a visit to London’s Natural History Museum. With its extensive collection of geological specimens and informative displays, it’s the perfect destination for anyone interested in the wonders of the natural world.