Can a Freshman Take AP World History?

As a freshman in high school, you may be wondering if it’s possible to take Advanced Placement (AP) World History. The short answer is yes, it is possible. However, there are several factors to consider before making the decision to enroll in this challenging course.

What is AP World History?

AP World History is a college-level course that covers the history of the world from ancient civilizations to present-day events. The curriculum focuses on developing critical thinking skills and analyzing historical events and patterns.

Why would a freshman take AP World History?

There are several reasons why a freshman may choose to take AP World History. For one, it can be an excellent way to challenge yourself academically and prepare for future AP courses. If you have a strong interest in history or plan to pursue a related field in college, this course can also provide valuable knowledge and skills.

Factors to Consider

Before enrolling in AP World History as a freshman, there are some essential factors to consider:

Academic Preparedness

AP courses are rigorous and demanding. Before enrolling in this class, you should have a solid academic record and demonstrate proficiency in reading, writing, and critical thinking skills. Check with your guidance counselor or teacher to determine if you meet the prerequisites for AP World History.


AP classes require more time and effort than regular classes. You will need to commit significant amounts of time outside of class for reading, writing assignments, and studying for exams. Make sure that you can handle this workload while still maintaining your grades in other classes.


AP World History is typically offered as a sophomore or junior-level course at most high schools. As such, taking it as a freshman may require careful planning of your academic schedule throughout high school.

  • Talk with your guidance counselor to determine if taking AP World History as a freshman would impact your ability to take other AP courses in the future.
  • Consider what other classes you will take alongside AP World History. Taking too many challenging courses at once can lead to burnout and stress.

College Goals

If you plan to attend college, it’s essential to consider how taking AP World History as a freshman may impact your college goals. While colleges appreciate students who challenge themselves academically, they also consider the overall rigor of your high school curriculum.

Benefits of Taking AP World History

If you do decide to take AP World History as a freshman and succeed in the course, there are numerous benefits that can come from it, including:

  • Developing critical thinking skills that will serve you well in future academic pursuits
  • Gaining knowledge of world history that will help you understand current events and global issues
  • Preparing for future AP courses and college-level coursework
  • Demonstrating to colleges that you are willing and capable of taking on challenging coursework

In Conclusion..

Taking AP World History as a freshman is possible but requires careful consideration of your academic preparedness, workload, scheduling, and college goals. If you decide that this course is right for you, make sure to approach it with dedication and a willingness to work hard. With effort and determination, you can succeed in this challenging course and reap the rewards of increased knowledge and critical thinking skills.