Did It Get Cold in Ancient Greece?

Ancient Greece is often associated with sunny skies, warm weather, and beautiful beaches. However, many people wonder if it ever got cold in this region during ancient times.

The answer is yes, it did.

Geography of Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece was located in the Mediterranean region and had diverse geography that ranged from mountains to coastal plains. The country also had various microclimates that led to different weather patterns across different regions.

Winter Season in Ancient Greece

The winter season in ancient Greece was not as severe as some other regions but still brought about significant changes in the weather patterns. The temperature would drop, and the weather would become colder and wetter than other times of the year.


Some parts of ancient Greece experienced snowfall during winters. Snowfall was more common in mountainous regions of the country, where temperatures were significantly lower than coastal areas.


Rainfall was a common occurrence during winters in most parts of ancient Greece. Rain would often come with strong winds making it difficult for people to navigate outdoors.

Clothing During Winters

Ancient Greeks were well prepared for winters and wore appropriate clothing to stay warm. They used woolen clothes that were thick enough to keep them warm during colder days.

Military Clothing

The military personnel wore heavy woolen cloaks known as himations or chlamys over their armor to keep themselves warm during colder days.

Festivals During Winters

Despite the cold weather, Greeks still celebrated various festivals during winters. One such festival was the Lenaia, which was held to honor Dionysus, the god of wine. Lenaia was celebrated during January or February, and people would perform various dramas and comedies during this festival.


In conclusion, ancient Greece did experience cold weather during winters. The temperature would drop, and some parts of the country would experience snowfall.

However, ancient Greeks were well-prepared for winters and wore appropriate clothing to stay warm. They also celebrated various festivals despite the colder weather.