Did Jesus and His Disciples Sing?

Music plays an important role in the Christian faith, and for many believers, singing hymns and worship songs is an integral part of their religious experience. But did Jesus and his disciples sing during their time on earth

The Role of Music in the Old Testament

To answer this question, it’s important to look at the role of music in the Old Testament. The book of Psalms, for example, is filled with songs and hymns that were used in worship by the Israelites. Additionally, many Old Testament stories feature characters singing or playing musical instruments to praise God or celebrate victory.

Jesus’ Jewish Background

As a Jewish rabbi, Jesus would have been familiar with these traditions and likely participated in them himself. In fact, some scholars believe that Jesus may have even composed new hymns or adapted existing ones to fit his teachings.

The Last Supper

One particular instance where we know for certain that Jesus and his disciples sang is during the Last Supper. According to Matthew 26:30, after sharing bread and wine together, “they sang a hymn and went out to the Mount of Olives.”

The Early Church’s Use of Music

After Jesus’ death and resurrection, his followers continued to use music as part of their worship. The book of Acts recounts several instances where early Christians sang hymns together (see Acts 16:25 for one example).

The Importance of Singing in Worship

For many Christians today, singing is seen as a vital part of worship. It allows believers to express their emotions and connect with God on a deeper level.

  • Singing can be a form of prayer, as the lyrics of hymns and worship songs often reflect the themes and messages of scripture.
  • Singing together as a congregation can also promote unity and fellowship within a church community.


While we may not have definitive evidence that Jesus himself composed or sang hymns during his time on earth, it’s clear that music played an important role in his cultural and religious background. Additionally, the early Christian church embraced singing as a way to worship and connect with God, and many Christians today continue to find solace and spiritual fulfillment in singing hymns and worship songs.

So next time you sing a hymn at church or listen to a worship song on your own, remember that you’re participating in a tradition that dates back thousands of years!