Did Jesus Eat With the Disciples After His Resurrection?

After Jesus’ resurrection, there are several accounts of him appearing to his disciples. One of the most notable is the account of Jesus eating with his disciples.

But did this really happen? Let’s explore the evidence.

The Evidence

The first account of Jesus eating with his disciples after his resurrection is found in Luke 24:36-43. In this passage, Jesus appears to his disciples and they are frightened, thinking they are seeing a ghost.

To calm their fears, Jesus shows them his hands and feet and asks for something to eat. They give him a piece of broiled fish and he eats it in front of them.

Another account is found in John 21:1-14. In this passage, some of the disciples are fishing when they see Jesus on the shore.

When they come ashore, they find that Jesus has already started a fire and has bread and fish cooking. He invites them to eat with him.

The Significance

The fact that Jesus ate with his disciples after his resurrection is significant for several reasons. First, it shows that he was not a ghost or a spirit, but had a physical body that could eat and drink. This was important for proving that he had truly risen from the dead.

Secondly, it shows that Jesus still cared for his disciples even after his death. By sharing a meal with them, he was able to comfort them and strengthen their faith.

Lastly, it foreshadows the future kingdom of God when all believers will share in a great feast with Jesus (Luke 22:30).


In conclusion, there is strong evidence to suggest that Jesus did indeed eat with his disciples after his resurrection. This event holds great significance as it demonstrates that Jesus had truly risen from the dead and still cared for his followers even after death.

As we look forward to the future kingdom of God, we can take comfort in the fact that we will one day share in a great feast with Jesus, just as his disciples did so long ago.