Did They Wear Bras in Ancient Times?

Bras have become an essential part of women’s clothing today. They not only provide support to the breasts but also improve posture and confidence.

However, have you ever wondered if women in ancient times wore bras Let’s explore the history of bras and find out.

The History of Bras

The concept of bras can be traced back to ancient civilizations such as Greece and Rome. Women in these societies used a band of cloth called ‘strophium’ or ‘mamillare’ to cover their breasts. It was more like a binding cloth rather than a supportive undergarment.

During the Middle Ages, corsets were introduced, which provided support to the bust and waist. However, they were uncomfortable and often caused health issues.

In the 19th century, with the rise of feminism and women’s rights movements, there was a need for comfortable undergarments for women. This led to the invention of modern-day bras by Mary Phelps Jacob in 1913.

Did Women in Ancient Times Wear Bras

Based on historical evidence, it is difficult to say if women in ancient times wore bras similar to what we wear today. However, there are some mentions of breast support garments in ancient texts.

Ancient Greece

  • In Ancient Greece, women wore a band of cloth called ‘strophium’ or ‘mamillare’ which covered their breasts but did not provide any support. It was more like a binding cloth that flattened the bustline.
  • Ancient Greek athletes who participated in sports like running often bound their breasts with cloth to prevent discomfort while exercising.

Ancient Rome

  • Women in Ancient Rome also wore a band of cloth known as ‘strophium’ or ‘mamillare’ to cover their breasts, but it was not worn for support.
  • There are also mentions of ‘mamillare fibulae,’ which were decorative pins used to fasten the strophium.

Ancient Egypt

  • Ancient Egyptian women wore a garment called ‘kalasiris,’ which covered the entire body and was often made of linen. It is believed that this garment provided support to the breasts.
  • In some ancient Egyptian art, women are depicted wearing a type of bra-like garment with straps over the shoulders.

The Bottom Line

While there is no concrete evidence that ancient women wore bras similar to what we wear today, there are mentions of breast support garments in various ancient texts. It is safe to assume that women in ancient times used some form of breast support garment for comfort and modesty.

With time, bras have evolved into an essential undergarment that provides not only support but also comfort and confidence. Today, there are various types of bras available for different body types and preferences. So, embrace your individuality and choose the bra that makes you feel comfortable and confident!