Did They Workout in Ancient Times?

Fitness and exercise have become a significant part of our lives in the modern era. We see people hitting the gym, attending yoga classes, or jogging in the park to keep themselves fit and healthy.

However, have you ever wondered if people in ancient times also had a similar approach towards fitness Let’s find out!

Ancient Greeks and Romans

The ancient Greeks were highly inclined towards physical fitness and believed that a healthy body was essential for a healthy mind. They developed various forms of sports like running, wrestling, boxing, and discus throw that were played during the Olympics. Apart from sports, they also practiced calisthenics like push-ups, pull-ups, squats to build strength and endurance.

The Romans were also known for their athleticism and used to engage in activities like swimming, horse riding, and gladiator games. However, their approach towards fitness was more militaristic as they trained their soldiers in combat techniques to prepare them for war.

Ancient Egyptians

The ancient Egyptians believed that physical fitness was necessary to maintain good health and had specific exercises tailored for different body parts. They used to perform activities like swimming, dancing, rowing boats etc., which were not only physically demanding but also fun.

Ancient Indians

Ancient India had a holistic approach towards fitness where physical exercise was not just limited to building muscles but aimed at achieving overall well-being. Yoga was one of the most popular forms of exercise that included various postures (asanas) aimed at improving flexibility and strength.


From these examples we can see that people in ancient times did engage in physical exercise as a means of staying healthy. Their approach towards fitness might have been different from ours, but the aim was the same. So, if you are someone who thinks exercising is a modern trend, think again!