Do Schools Teach Native American History?

Native American history is a crucial aspect of American heritage. However, many people, including students, have limited knowledge about the rich and diverse history of the indigenous peoples of North America. This raises the question: Do schools teach Native American history

The answer is yes and no. While Native American history is included in some school curriculums, it is not a widespread practice across all schools in the United States. Moreover, even when it is taught, it is often limited to a few basic concepts, such as the Trail of Tears or Thanksgiving.

The Importance of Teaching Native American History

The lack of proper education about Native American history has contributed to negative stereotypes and misconceptions about indigenous peoples. It’s essential that we learn about their cultures, traditions, and contributions to society to foster greater understanding and respect.

Additionally, teaching Native American history can help students understand current social issues affecting these communities such as land rights disputes and environmental concerns.

Why Isn’t Native American History Taught More Often

There are several reasons why Native American history isn’t widely taught in schools. One reason could be the lack of resources available for teachers to create lesson plans on the subject.

Another reason could be that some schools may view it as not relevant to their curriculum or may prioritize other subjects over it.

Moreover, there are cases where schools have been criticized for presenting biased or inaccurate information about indigenous peoples’ histories. This highlights the need for proper training for teachers to ensure that they present accurate information in an unbiased manner.

How Can We Improve Education on Native American History

One way to improve education on Native American history would be to include it as a mandatory subject in school curriculums across all states. This would ensure that all students receive equal and adequate education on this important topic.

Another way would be to provide teachers with more resources and training on the subject to ensure that they are equipped to teach it properly.

Furthermore, inviting Native American guest speakers to share their experiences and perspectives can also enhance students’ understanding of their history and culture.


In conclusion, while some schools do teach Native American history, it is not a widespread practice. It’s important for educators and policymakers to recognize the significance of teaching this topic in schools and take steps to improve education on the subject. By doing so, we can create a more inclusive and culturally aware society.