Do You Have to Queue for Natural History Museum?

Are you planning a visit to the Natural History Museum in London but worried about the long queues? Well, let’s find out if you really have to queue or not!

Peak Seasons and Weekends

If you plan on visiting the museum during peak seasons or weekends, be prepared for long queues. The Natural History Museum is one of the most popular tourist destinations in London, attracting millions of visitors every year. During peak seasons, such as summer and school holidays, the museum can get extremely busy, resulting in long queues that can take up to several hours.

Off-Peak Seasons and Weekdays

If you want to avoid the crowds and long queues at the Natural History Museum, it’s best to plan your visit during off-peak seasons and weekdays. Off-peak seasons include January to March and November to December when schools are in session. On weekdays, especially early mornings or late afternoons when school groups are not present, there are fewer visitors.

Book Tickets Online

To save time and avoid standing in long queues at the ticket counter, it’s best to book your tickets online before your visit. You can choose a time slot that suits you best, which allows you to skip the queue for buying tickets on arrival.

The NHM Ice Rink

The NHM Ice Rink is also a popular attraction during winters. It’s advisable to book your skating session online beforehand as this will allow you quick entry through a separate entrance without having to wait in line along with other visitors.


In short, if you are planning a trip to the Natural History Museum in London and want to avoid standing in long queues for hours, then it’s best to plan your visit during off-peak seasons or weekdays. Additionally, booking tickets online beforehand is highly recommended as it saves time and allows for a hassle-free experience.