Do You Need to Take World History in College?


When it comes to choosing college courses, students often wonder if they really need to take world history. After all, they may think, what is the point of studying events that happened centuries ago in faraway lands However, taking a world history class can provide many benefits that extend beyond just fulfilling a degree requirement.

Why Study World History

Understanding world history is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it helps us understand the present by providing context for current events.

For example, understanding the origins of conflict in the Middle East requires knowledge of the region’s complex history and politics. Secondly, studying world history can help us develop empathy and cultural sensitivity by exposing us to diverse perspectives and experiences. Finally, learning about different cultures and societies through history can broaden our worldview and help us become more informed global citizens.

The Benefits of Taking a World History Course

Taking a college-level world history course offers even more benefits. Firstly, it can fulfill general education requirements for many degree programs.

Additionally, it provides an opportunity to engage with expert instructors who can provide valuable insights and context. Furthermore, college-level courses often offer more specialized topics within world history such as women’s history or environmental history that may not be covered in high school courses.


In conclusion, while taking world history may not seem like an obvious choice for some students, it is important to remember the many benefits that come with studying this subject. From gaining a broader perspective on the world to fulfilling degree requirements, taking a college-level world history course can be both informative and rewarding. So don’t overlook this course option when planning your academic schedule!