Does Amazon Prime Have American History X?

If you’re a fan of classic movies with powerful and thought-provoking themes, chances are you’ve heard of American History X. This iconic film depicts the story of a former neo-Nazi skinhead who tries to prevent his younger brother from going down the same path of hate and violence that he once did.

But the question on everyone’s mind is, can you watch American History X on Amazon Prime? Let’s dive in and find out.

What is Amazon Prime?

Before we answer that question, let’s first take a brief look at what Amazon Prime is. Simply put, Amazon Prime is a service offered by Amazon that gives subscribers access to various benefits such as free two-day shipping, unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows, and exclusive deals and discounts. It’s one of the most popular subscription services out there today.

Does Amazon Prime Have American History X?

Now onto the main question – does Amazon Prime have American History X available for streaming? Unfortunately, the answer is no.

As of this writing, American History X is not available to stream on Amazon Prime. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t watch it at all.

Other Ways to Watch American History X

If you’re determined to watch American History X but don’t have access to a physical copy of the movie, there are still some other options available to you. One option is to rent or buy the movie digitally through services like iTunes or Google Play. Another option would be to check if it’s available on other streaming platforms like Netflix or Hulu.

About American History X

American History X was released in 1998 and directed by Tony Kaye. The film stars Edward Norton as Derek Vinyard, a former neo-Nazi skinhead who tries to prevent his younger brother from following in his footsteps after being released from prison for a hate crime. The movie was praised for its powerful performances and themes of redemption, but also criticized for its graphic violence and controversial subject matter.


While American History X may not be available to stream on Amazon Prime at the moment, there are still ways to watch this classic film. Whether you choose to rent it digitally or find it on another streaming platform, the important thing is that you take the time to experience this important piece of cinema history.