Does Life of Brian Mock Jesus?

In 1979, Monty Python released their controversial movie “Life of Brian”. The film is a satirical take on the life of a young Jewish man named Brian, who is mistaken for the Messiah in biblical times.

While the film has been widely regarded as a classic comedy, it has also faced criticism from some religious groups who believe that it mocks Jesus and Christianity. In this article, we will explore whether or not “Life of Brian” actually mocks Jesus.

The Controversy

Upon its release, “Life of Brian” faced backlash from many Christian groups who believed that it was blasphemous and disrespectful towards Jesus. Some even went so far as to call for boycotts and protests against the film. The controversy surrounding the movie sparked a debate about freedom of speech and artistic expression.

The Satirical Nature of Monty Python

To understand whether or not “Life of Brian” mocks Jesus, we must first understand the style of comedy that Monty Python is known for. Monty Python was a British comedy group known for their absurdist humor and satire. They often used humor to comment on social and political issues.

Brian vs. Jesus

In “Life of Brian”, the character of Brian is not meant to be a representation of Jesus. Rather, he is a satirical take on the idea of religious fanaticism and blind faith.

Throughout the film, Brian is constantly trying to convince his followers that he is not the Messiah, but they refuse to listen to him. This highlights the dangers of blindly following religious leaders without questioning their teachings.

Humor as Social Commentary

The use of humor in “Life of Brian” can be seen as a form of social commentary rather than an attack on Christianity or Jesus himself. The film pokes fun at religious institutions and their leaders who use religion for personal gain. It also comments on the way that people blindly follow these leaders without questioning their motives.


While “Life of Brian” may have faced criticism from some religious groups, it is not a film that mocks Jesus or Christianity. Rather, it is a satirical commentary on blind faith and religious fanaticism.

Monty Python’s use of humor to highlight these issues should be seen as a form of artistic expression and social commentary. It is up to the individual viewer to decide whether or not they find the film offensive, but it is important to remember the context in which it was made and the style of comedy that Monty Python is known for.