Does Texas Teach World History?

As one of the largest states in the USA, Texas has a unique educational system that is both complex and diverse. One question that often arises is whether or not Texas teaches world history in its schools.

The Answer:

Yes, Texas does teach world history in its schools. In fact, it is a required course for all students attending public schools in the state. This means that students must take at least one year of world history before they graduate from high school.

What is World History

World history is a broad subject that encompasses the study of civilizations and cultures from all around the globe. It covers topics such as ancient civilizations, medieval Europe, colonialism, revolutions, wars, and globalization.

The Importance of Teaching World History

Teaching world history is important for several reasons. Firstly, it helps students to understand and appreciate different cultures and viewpoints. By learning about the history of other countries and regions, students can develop empathy and tolerance towards people who are different from them.

Secondly, studying world history can help students to gain a deeper understanding of current events. By understanding how events in the past have shaped our present world, students can make more informed decisions about their own lives and communities.

Finally, teaching world history helps to promote critical thinking skills. By analyzing historical events and their causes and effects, students learn how to think critically about complex issues and problems.

How World History is Taught in Texas

In Texas public schools, world history is typically taught as a one-year course during the 10th grade. The course covers a broad range of topics from ancient civilizations to modern-day global issues.

Teachers use a variety of methods to teach world history including lectures, class discussions, group projects, and multimedia presentations. Students are also expected to read textbooks and primary sources such as historical documents and speeches.


In conclusion, Texas does teach world history in its schools. This subject is important for promoting empathy, critical thinking skills, and a deeper understanding of the world we live in. By studying world history, students can gain a better appreciation for different cultures and become more informed citizens of the world.