How Advertising Was Done During Ancient Times?

Advertising has been an essential part of human civilization for centuries. It is a way to communicate with the masses and promote one’s products or services. In this article, we will take a look at how advertising was done during ancient times.

Ancient Egypt

The ancient Egyptians were pioneers in the field of advertising. They used papyrus to create posters and banners that were hung in public places. These posters advertised everything from food and wine to jewelry and clothing.

One of the most famous examples of ancient Egyptian advertising is the Turin Papyrus Map, which dates back to 1150 BCE. This map was used to advertise trade routes and goods that were available for purchase.

Ancient Greece

The Greeks were also known for their advertising techniques. They used stone or metal tablets to create inscriptions that were placed in public areas such as marketplaces and temples. These inscriptions advertised a variety of products including food, wine, and clothing.

Another popular form of advertising during ancient Greece was the use of criers or heralds who would shout out information about products or services to passersby.

Ancient Rome

The Romans took advertising to a whole new level with their use of painted walls called “latrunculi”. These walls contained advertisements for everything from gladiator games to food and wine.

In addition, the Romans also used mosaics made from small pieces of colored glass or stone to advertise their products. These mosaics could be found in public places such as marketplaces, bathhouses, and even private homes.

Ancient China

In ancient China, advertising was done through calligraphy on scrolls or silk banners that were hung in public places such as marketplaces and temples. These scrolls advertised a variety of products including tea, silk, and spices.

In addition, street vendors would often use bells or gongs to attract customers to their stalls, creating a form of advertising through sound.


In conclusion, advertising has been an integral part of human civilization for centuries. From the ancient Egyptians to the Chinese, each civilization had its unique way of promoting products and services.

Today, we have access to a variety of advertising mediums such as television, radio, and the internet. However, it’s essential to remember that the roots of advertising go back thousands of years and have played a significant role in shaping our world.