How Big Is the New York Museum of Natural History?

The New York Museum of Natural History is one of the most famous museums in the world. Founded in 1869, it has become a hub for science enthusiasts, history buffs, and nature lovers alike. With over 33 million specimens and artifacts, it is one of the largest museums in the world.

Size and Layout

The New York Museum of Natural History covers an area of approximately 2 million square feet. It consists of 28 interconnected buildings that house 45 permanent exhibition halls. Each hall is dedicated to a specific theme, ranging from dinosaurs to human evolution.

The museum’s layout can be overwhelming for first-time visitors. However, it is designed in a way that allows visitors to navigate through different exhibitions without getting lost. The main entrance leads to the Grand Gallery, which is one of the largest spaces in the museum.


The museum’s collection includes over 33 million specimens and artifacts. These are divided into various departments such as anthropology, earth and planetary sciences, ornithology, mammalogy, and vertebrate zoology.

One of the most popular collections at the museum is the dinosaur exhibit. It features some of the largest dinosaur fossils ever discovered, including a Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton that stands at 13 feet tall and 40 feet long.

Another popular collection is the Hall of Biodiversity which showcases over 1,500 specimens representing various ecosystems around the world.

Visiting Tips

With so much to see at the New York Museum of Natural History, it’s essential to plan your visit in advance. Here are some tips:

Buy Tickets Online: Avoid long queues by purchasing your tickets online before you arrive.

Pick Your Exhibitions: Choose which exhibitions you want to see beforehand as trying to see everything in one day can be overwhelming.

Visit During Off-Peak Hours: The museum can get crowded during peak hours. Consider visiting during off-peak hours to avoid the crowds.

  • Monday – Thursday: 10am-5:45pm
  • Friday: 10am-8pm
  • Saturday – Sunday: 10am-6:30pm

In Conclusion

The New York Museum of Natural History is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in science, history, and nature. With its extensive collections and world-class exhibitions, it offers a unique and educational experience for visitors of all ages. Whether you’re a dinosaur enthusiast or simply curious about the natural world, you’re sure to find something to fascinate you at this incredible museum.