How Did Ancient Egypt Influence Ancient Greece?

How Did Ancient Egypt Influence Ancient Greece?

Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece were two of the most influential civilizations in history. While they developed independently, there are clear instances of cultural exchange and influence between the two. This article aims to explore the ways in which Ancient Egypt influenced Ancient Greece.

The Impact on Art and Architecture


Ancient Egyptian art had a profound impact on Ancient Greek art. The Egyptians’ use of bold colors, intricate patterns, and stylized figures greatly influenced the development of Greek art. Greek artists adopted many Egyptian artistic conventions, such as frontalism and hieratic scale, which emphasized the importance of certain figures by making them larger than others.


Ancient Egyptian architecture also left its mark on Ancient Greece. The Greeks were inspired by the grandeur and structural innovations of Egyptian architecture.

They borrowed elements such as columns, obelisks, and sphinxes in their own architectural designs. The iconic Greek column styles – Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian – can be traced back to Egyptian architectural influences.

Religious Influence

The religious beliefs of Ancient Egypt greatly influenced those of Ancient Greece.


Ancient Egypt’s polytheistic religion had a lasting impact on Greek religious thought. Many Greek gods and goddesses can be traced back to their Egyptian counterparts. For example, Amun-Ra was associated with Zeus, Isis with Demeter, and Horus with Apollo.

Cult Practices:

  • The Greeks adopted various religious practices from the Egyptians. They incorporated elements such as temple rituals, animal sacrifices, processions, and the belief in an afterlife.
  • The Egyptian belief in the judgment of the soul after death influenced the Greek concept of Hades, the underworld where souls were judged.

Trade and Cultural Exchange

Trade between Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece facilitated cultural exchange and influenced various aspects of Greek society.


Egyptian goods such as papyrus, spices, precious stones, and textiles were highly sought after by the Greeks. This trade introduced new materials and techniques to Greek craftsmen, influencing their art and craftsmanship.


Ancient Greece inherited much scientific and mathematical knowledge from Egypt. The Greeks adopted Egyptian mathematical concepts, such as geometry, which played a crucial role in the development of Greek mathematics.


Ancient Egypt’s influence on Ancient Greece was significant and far-reaching. From art and architecture to religion and trade, the impact of Egyptian culture on Greek civilization cannot be underestimated. The exchange between these two ancient civilizations shaped not only their own societies but also laid the foundation for Western civilization as a whole.