How Did Disciples of Jesus Die?

The disciples of Jesus were among the most important figures in the history of Christianity. They were the closest followers of Jesus and were responsible for spreading his teachings to all corners of the world.

However, their lives were not easy and they faced many challenges, including persecution and even death. In this article, we will explore how each of the 12 disciples died.

Simon Peter

Simon Peter was one of the closest disciples of Jesus and was considered to be one of the leaders of the early Christian movement. According to tradition, he was crucified upside down in Rome during the reign of Emperor Nero.


Andrew was Simon Peter’s brother and was also a fisherman before becoming a disciple of Jesus. He was crucified on an X-shaped cross in Greece, which is now known as St. Andrew’s Cross.

James (son of Zebedee)

James was one of the first disciples to be called by Jesus and was present at many important events, including the Transfiguration. He was beheaded by King Herod Agrippa I in Jerusalem.


John was another brother of James and was often referred to as “the beloved disciple.” He is believed to have lived a long life and died a natural death in Ephesus.


Philip was from Bethsaida and is known for introducing Nathanael to Jesus. He is believed to have been martyred by crucifixion in Hierapolis.


Bartholomew (also known as Nathanael) is believed to have preached in India before being flayed alive and beheaded in Armenia.


Thomas is often remembered for doubting that Jesus had risen from the dead until he saw him with his own eyes. He is believed to have been martyred by spearing in India.


Matthew was a tax collector before becoming a disciple of Jesus. He is believed to have been martyred by stabbing in Ethiopia.

James (son of Alphaeus)

James (son of Alphaeus) is sometimes referred to as “James the Less” to differentiate him from James (son of Zebedee). He is believed to have been stoned to death in Jerusalem.

Jude Thaddeus

Jude Thaddeus (also known as Judas, not Iscariot) is believed to have preached in Syria and Mesopotamia before being martyred by arrows.

Simon the Zealot

Simon the Zealot was a member of a Jewish political party that opposed Roman rule. He is believed to have been martyred by sawing in Persia.

Judas Iscariot

Judas Iscariot infamously betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. After realizing the gravity of what he had done, he hanged himself.


The disciples of Jesus lived remarkable lives and their deaths are an important part of Christian history. While they faced many challenges and were often persecuted for their beliefs, they remained steadfast in their faith until the very end. Their stories continue to inspire Christians around the world today.