How Did Jesus Bring Someone Back to Life?

The story of Jesus bringing someone back to life is one of the most well-known and impactful stories in the Bible. It is a testament to his power and divinity, and has inspired countless believers throughout history. In this article, we will explore how Jesus brought someone back to life, as well as what this event means for us today.

The Story

The story of Jesus raising someone from the dead is told in multiple places in the Gospels, but perhaps the most famous account is found in John 11. In this chapter, we learn that Jesus had a close friend named Lazarus who had become very sick. Lazarus’ sisters, Mary and Martha, sent word to Jesus asking him to come and heal their brother.

When Jesus received this message, he did not immediately go to see Lazarus. Instead, he stayed where he was for two more days before setting out for Bethany, where Lazarus lived. By the time Jesus arrived, Lazarus had already been dead for four days.

The Miracle

Upon arriving in Bethany, Jesus was met by Martha who expressed her faith in him despite her brother’s death. Then Mary came running up to him and fell at his feet weeping. When Jesus saw her weeping, along with other mourners who had gathered there, he was deeply moved.

Jesus asked where Lazarus had been laid and went to the tomb. There he commanded that the stone be removed from the entrance of the tomb. Then he prayed aloud thanking God for hearing him and asked Lazarus to come out of the tomb.

Suddenly, Lazarus emerged from the tomb still wrapped in grave clothes! The people were amazed at what they saw and many believed in Jesus because of this miraculous sign.

The Significance

This event illustrates several important aspects of who Jesus is and what he came to do:

Jesus is the Son of God: Only someone with divine power could bring someone back to life after four days in the tomb.

Jesus has power over death: Jesus did not just heal Lazarus, he brought him back to life. This shows that Jesus has ultimate power over death and can bring eternal life to all who believe in him.

Jesus is compassionate: Jesus was deeply moved by the grief of Mary and the other mourners. He wept with them, and his compassion for their pain is a reminder that he understands our sorrows and cares for us deeply.

The Application

The story of Lazarus’ resurrection has many applications for us today:

We can trust Jesus: Just as Martha expressed her faith in Jesus despite her brother’s death, we too can trust Jesus even when things seem hopeless. He is always with us, and his power and love are greater than anything we might face.

We have hope in eternal life: The resurrection of Lazarus points us toward the hope of eternal life with Christ. Death is not the end for those who believe in him, but rather a passage into a new and glorious existence.

We should show compassion to others: Jesus’ response to Mary’s grief reminds us of the importance of showing compassion to those who are hurting. As followers of Christ, we are called to love others as he loved us.

The Conclusion

The story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead is a powerful reminder of who he is and what he came to do. It shows that Jesus has ultimate power over death and that he cares deeply for those who are hurting. As we reflect on this miraculous sign, let us be encouraged in our faith and strive to show compassion to others just as Christ showed compassion to Mary and Martha.