How Did Jesus Call Each of His Disciples?

Jesus Christ is a central figure in Christianity, and his disciples played a vital role in spreading his teachings. The Bible describes how Jesus called each of his disciples in different ways, and these stories offer valuable lessons for Christians today.

Simon Peter

Simon Peter was one of the first disciples that Jesus called. According to the Gospel of John, Peter was initially introduced to Jesus by his brother Andrew, who had already become a disciple.

When Jesus met Peter, he changed his name from Simon to Peter, which means “rock” in Greek. This name change signifies that Peter would be the foundation of the Church.

Lesson: Jesus calls us by name and gives us a unique purpose in life.

James and John

James and John were brothers who were also fishermen. When Jesus saw them working on their boat with their father Zebedee, he called them to follow him. The brothers immediately left everything behind and became disciples.

Lesson: Following Jesus requires sacrifice and leaving behind our old ways of life.


Matthew was a tax collector when Jesus called him to become a disciple. Tax collectors were not well-liked in Jewish society because they worked for the Roman Empire and often extorted money from their own people. Despite this, Jesus saw something in Matthew and invited him to join him.

Lesson: Jesus calls us regardless of our past mistakes or societal status.

Judas Iscariot

Judas Iscariot is perhaps the most infamous disciple because he later betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. However, when Judas was first called by Jesus, he was just like any other disciple. It’s unclear why Judas ultimately turned against Jesus, but it serves as a reminder that even those closest to us can betray us.

Lesson: Trusting in God is essential because humans are fallible.


Thomas was a disciple who is often referred to as “Doubting Thomas” because he doubted Jesus’ resurrection. When Jesus first called Thomas, he was hesitant to follow him. However, after seeing Jesus perform miracles and hearing his teachings, Thomas became a faithful disciple.

Lesson: It’s natural to have doubts, but faith can grow over time.


Bartimaeus was a blind beggar who called out to Jesus when he heard that he was passing by. Despite being told to be quiet by others in the crowd, Bartimaeus persisted and shouted even louder. Jesus heard his cries and healed him of his blindness.

Lesson: Persistence and faith can lead to miraculous results.

Saul (Later known as Paul)

Saul was not one of the original twelve disciples, but he had a significant impact on spreading Christianity throughout the world. Saul initially opposed the teachings of Jesus and even persecuted Christians.

However, on his way to Damascus, he had an encounter with the risen Christ that transformed his life. He became a devoted follower of Jesus and changed his name to Paul.

Lesson: No one is beyond redemption or transformation.

In Conclusion

The stories of how Jesus called each of his disciples offer valuable lessons that can inspire Christians today. Whether it’s leaving behind our old ways of life like James and John or persistently calling out to God like Bartimaeus, we can learn from these examples and apply them in our own lives. Through faith and trust in God, we too can become devoted followers of Jesus Christ.