How Did Jesus Call the Disciples?

When it comes to the story of Jesus, one of the most notable aspects is his recruitment of disciples. These men were chosen by Jesus to be his closest followers, learning from him and spreading his message to others.

But how did Jesus call these disciples? Let’s take a closer look at the Bible to explore this question.

Jesus Calls His First Disciples

The first instance of Jesus calling disciples can be found in Matthew 4:18-22. In this passage, Jesus is walking along the Sea of Galilee and sees two brothers, Simon (who would later be called Peter) and Andrew, who were fishermen.

Jesus tells them, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men“. The brothers immediately leave their nets and follow him.

Further down the shore, Jesus sees two more brothers, James and John (sons of Zebedee), who were also fishermen. He calls out to them and they too leave their boat and father behind to follow him.

This simple yet powerful interaction shows how Jesus was able to attract followers through his words alone. His message was enough to convince these men that he was someone worth following.

Jesus Calls Levi

Another example can be found in Mark 2:13-14. Here we see Jesus walking by a tax collector named Levi (also known as Matthew). Despite being despised by many Jews at the time for working with the Romans, Levi was drawn to Jesus’ teachings.

Jesus tells him “Follow me“, and Levi does so immediately. This encounter shows that even those who were considered outcasts could find acceptance with Jesus.

Jesus Appears to Saul

While not technically a call for a disciple, the story of Saul (later known as Paul) in Acts 9:1-19 is an important example of how Jesus could reach out to individuals in unexpected ways.

Saul was a devout Jew who actively persecuted early Christians. However, while traveling to Damascus, he saw a blinding light and heard Jesus’ voice calling out to him.

After this encounter, Saul was left blinded and had a complete change of heart. He became one of the most influential Christian figures in history.

This story shows that Jesus’ call was not limited to those who were already seeking him out. He could reach anyone, even those who were actively opposed to his message.


Overall, the story of how Jesus called his disciples is one that is both simple and profound. Through his words and actions, he was able to attract people from all walks of life and show them the path towards a better way of living.

Whether it was through a chance encounter on the shore or a blinding vision on the road, Jesus’ call was always one that could not be ignored. And while we may never experience his call in quite the same way as those early disciples did, we can still learn from their example and strive to follow in their footsteps today.