How Did Jesus Change After His Resurrection?

After the resurrection, Jesus changed in many ways. Let’s take a closer look at how His character, actions, and teachings evolved after He rose from the dead.

Character Changes

Boldness: Before the resurrection, Jesus was often very gentle in His approach to people. However, after His resurrection, He became bolder and more confident in His teachings. This can be seen when He appeared to His disciples and challenged them to believe that He had truly risen from the dead.

Compassion: Although Jesus became bolder after the resurrection, He did not lose His compassion for others. In fact, some of His most tender moments are recorded after He rose from the dead. For example, when Mary Magdalene mistook Him for the gardener and cried out in despair, Jesus gently spoke her name and revealed Himself to her.

Action Changes

Miracles: After the resurrection, Jesus performed fewer miracles than before. However, those that He did perform were even more powerful than before. For example, when He appeared to Thomas and invited him to touch His wounds, Thomas was immediately convinced that it was really Jesus.

Ascension: One of the most significant changes in Jesus’ actions after the resurrection was His ascension into heaven. This event marked the end of Jesus’ earthly ministry and signaled that a new era had begun.

Teaching Changes

Eternal Life: After the resurrection, Jesus spent a lot of time teaching about eternal life. This is probably because many people were still struggling to understand what had happened and what it all meant. Through His teachings on eternal life, Jesus gave people hope and reassurance that death was not the end.

The Holy Spirit: Another important topic that Jesus talked about after the resurrection was the Holy Spirit. He promised that the Holy Spirit would come and be with His followers, guiding them and empowering them to do great things in His name.


In conclusion, Jesus changed in many ways after His resurrection. His character became bolder and more compassionate, His actions were fewer but more powerful, and His teachings focused on eternal life and the Holy Spirit. Through these changes, Jesus continued to reveal Himself to His followers as the Messiah and Son of God.