How Did Jesus Get the Disciples?

Jesus Christ, the central figure of Christianity, is known to have gathered a group of disciples during his life on earth. These disciples were an integral part of his ministry, and their teachings and experiences with Jesus have been documented in the Bible.

But how did Jesus get these disciples to follow him? Let’s delve deeper into this question.

The Call of the Disciples

The Gospels describe how Jesus called each one of his disciples individually. We can see this in the book of Matthew, where Jesus calls Peter and Andrew while they were fishing by the Sea of Galilee:

“And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men. And they straightway left their nets, and followed him.”

Similar accounts are found in the books of Mark and Luke, where Jesus calls James and John while they were also fishing. In each instance, Jesus simply beckons to them to follow him, and they do so without hesitation.

The Criteria for Choosing Disciples

While it may seem arbitrary at first glance that Jesus chose fishermen as his disciples, there was actually a method to his selection process. The Gospels explain that Jesus chose those who were sincere in their faith and willing to leave behind their worldly possessions to follow him.

In Matthew 4:19-20, we see that Peter and Andrew left behind their fishing nets to follow Jesus. In Luke 5:27-28, we learn that Levi (also known as Matthew) left behind his lucrative tax-collecting job to become a disciple.

This criteria for choosing disciples shows us that Jesus valued faith over material possessions or social status. He wanted individuals who would be fully committed to spreading his message without any distractions or ulterior motives.

The Role of Disciples in Jesus’ Ministry

The role of the disciples in Jesus’ ministry was crucial. They were his closest companions and were tasked with spreading his teachings to the world. They were also eyewitnesses to many of the miracles that Jesus performed, which they later documented in the Gospels.

In addition, Jesus gave his disciples special authority and power to perform miracles themselves. In Matthew 10:1, we see that Jesus gave his disciples the power to heal people and cast out demons.

The Legacy of the Disciples

The legacy of the disciples is evident even today. Their teachings and experiences with Jesus have been recorded in the Bible and continue to inspire millions around the world.

Their commitment to spreading Jesus’ message has also had a lasting impact on Christianity as a whole. Without their efforts, it’s unlikely that Christianity would have spread as widely as it has throughout history.

In conclusion, Jesus chose his disciples based on their faith and willingness to leave behind their worldly possessions. The role of these disciples in Jesus’ ministry was crucial, and their legacy continues to inspire believers today.