How Did Jesus Go About Selecting His Disciples?

When Jesus began His ministry, He chose twelve men to become His disciples. These men would be the ones who would carry on His teachings after He ascended into heaven.

But how did Jesus go about selecting these twelve individuals? Let’s take a closer look.

Jesus’ Criteria for Choosing His Disciples

Jesus did not select His disciples based on their social status or their education level. Instead, He looked at their hearts and their willingness to follow Him.

In Matthew 4:19, Jesus calls out to two fishermen, Simon Peter and Andrew, saying, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” These men left everything they had and followed Jesus. This act of obedience showed that they were willing to put their trust in Him.

Jesus Chose Ordinary People

The twelve disciples that Jesus chose were not exceptional in any way. They were ordinary people who had jobs such as fishermen and tax collectors.

They were not highly educated or influential individuals in society. But what made them stand out was their willingness to follow Jesus.

Jesus Chose People with Different Backgrounds

Another interesting thing about the disciples is that they came from different backgrounds. Some were fishermen, while others were tax collectors or zealots. This diversity brought different perspectives and experiences to the group, which allowed them to relate to people from all walks of life.

Why Did Jesus Choose Twelve Disciples?

The number twelve has significant meaning in the Bible. It represents completeness or perfection. The twelve tribes of Israel symbolize God’s chosen people, and the twelve apostles represent a new Israel that would be formed through faith in Christ.

The Role of the Disciples

The primary role of the disciples was to learn from Jesus and then spread His message after He ascended into heaven. They traveled with Jesus, witnessing His miracles and teaching.

They asked Him questions and learned from His answers. They were also sent out to preach the gospel and heal the sick.


In conclusion, Jesus chose His disciples based on their willingness to follow Him, not on their social status or education level. He chose ordinary people with different backgrounds to bring diversity to the group. The number twelve represented completeness or perfection, and the role of the disciples was to learn from Jesus and then spread His message after He ascended into heaven.