How Did Jesus Guide His Disciples?

Jesus Christ, the son of God, is known for His teachings that have inspired millions of people around the world. In particular, His guidance and mentorship to His disciples have been studied extensively by scholars and theologians alike. Let’s dive into how Jesus guided His disciples and what we can learn from it today.

The Importance of Discipleship

Before we delve into how Jesus guided His disciples, it’s important to understand why He chose to have disciples in the first place. Discipleship was a common practice among rabbis during Jesus’ time. Rabbis would select a group of individuals who they believed had potential to become great teachers themselves one day.

Jesus took this concept of discipleship and made it unique in its own way. He chose twelve men from different backgrounds and professions to follow Him on His journey, learn from Him, and spread His message after He was gone. These twelve men became known as the apostles.

Leading by Example

One of the key ways that Jesus guided His disciples was by leading by example. He showed them how to live a life that was in accordance with God’s teachings through His own actions and words.

For example, when the apostles were arguing amongst themselves about who was the greatest, Jesus sat down with them and washed their feet. This act of humility showed them that greatness is not about status or power but rather humbly serving others.

The Power of Parables

Another way that Jesus guided His disciples was through parables. Parables were simple stories with moral lessons that were easy for people to understand and remember.

Jesus used parables frequently in His teachings because they helped convey complex ideas in a way that was relatable and memorable. For example, in the parable of the Good Samaritan, Jesus taught his disciples about compassion and loving your neighbor as yourself.

Encouraging Questions

Jesus also guided His disciples by encouraging them to ask questions. He never dismissed their inquiries or made them feel foolish for not understanding something.

There are many instances in the Gospels where the apostles asked Jesus questions, and He patiently explained the answers to them. For instance, when the apostles asked Jesus why they couldn’t cast out a demon from a boy, He explained that it was because of their lack of faith.

The Importance of Prayer

Finally, Jesus guided His disciples through prayer. Throughout His teachings, Jesus emphasized the importance of prayer and spending time with God.

Before important events or decisions, Jesus would often retreat to a quiet place to pray. He even taught His disciples how to pray through what is known as The Lord’s Prayer.


In conclusion, Jesus guided His disciples in various ways that we can still learn from today. He led by example, used parables to teach complex ideas simply, encouraged questions from His followers and emphasized the importance of prayer.

Through these methods and more, Jesus was able to guide His disciples towards becoming great teachers themselves who could spread His message throughout the world. Today we too can learn from these teachings and become better mentors ourselves.