How Did Jesus Make His Disciples?

Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came to earth to save humanity from sin and death. However, He did not accomplish this mission alone.

He chose twelve men to be His disciples and assist Him in spreading the good news of salvation. In this article, we will explore how Jesus made His disciples and what we can learn from His method.

Jesus’ Criteria for Choosing His Disciples

Before we dive into how Jesus made His disciples, it’s essential to understand the criteria He used to select them. Jesus did not choose the most educated or influential men of His time. Instead, He chose ordinary people with a heart for God.

One example is Simon Peter, who was a fisherman by trade. Jesus saw potential in him and called him to follow Him (Matthew 4:18-20).

Another example is Matthew, a tax collector who was despised by society. Jesus saw beyond his profession and saw a man willing to change his ways (Matthew 9:9).

Jesus also chose people with different personalities and backgrounds, which shows us that God can use anyone regardless of their differences.

Jesus’ Method for Making Disciples

Now that we know why Jesus chose His disciples let’s explore how He made them.

  • He Called Them: Jesus personally invited each disciple to follow Him (Mark 1:17). He did not force or coerce them; instead, He gave them a choice.
  • He Taught Them: The primary way Jesus taught His disciples was through example. He showed them how to live a life pleasing to God through His words and actions (John 13:15).
  • He Challenged Them: Jesus challenged His disciples to grow in their faith by stepping out of their comfort zones.

    For example, He sent them out to preach the gospel and heal the sick (Matthew 10:1).

  • He Corrected Them: Jesus did not tolerate sin or wrong behavior in His disciples. He corrected them when necessary with love and patience (Luke 22:24-27).
  • He Empowered Them: Jesus gave His disciples the power to do miracles in His name (Mark 6:7-13). He also promised to be with them always, even after He ascended into heaven (Matthew 28:20).

What We Can Learn from Jesus’ Method

Jesus’ method for making disciples is still relevant today. As Christians, we are called to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19). Here are some lessons we can learn from Jesus’ method:

We Need to Invest in People

Making disciples is not a one-time event; it’s a process that requires time and effort. We need to invest in people’s lives by building relationships, teaching them God’s word, and challenging them to grow spiritually.

We Need to Lead by Example

Our actions speak louder than words. People will notice how we live our lives more than what we say. We need to lead by example and live a life pleasing to God.

We Need to Correct with Love

When someone falls into sin or wrong behavior, we need to correct them with love and patience. Our goal should be restoration rather than condemnation.

We Need to Empower Others

We need to empower others by giving them opportunities to serve God and use their gifts. When we give people responsibility, they will grow in their faith and become better disciple-makers themselves.


Jesus made His disciples by calling them, teaching them, challenging them, correcting them, and empowering them. As Christians, we are called to follow His example and make disciples of all nations. Let us invest in people’s lives, lead by example, correct with love, and empower others to serve God.