How Did People Cut Their Hair in Ancient Times?

Have you ever wondered how people cut their hair in ancient times? With no modern tools like clippers or scissors, it’s fascinating to think about how they managed to maintain their hairstyles. Let’s take a journey back in time and explore some of the methods used by our ancestors.


One of the earliest methods of hair cutting was with the use of razors. These were made from materials like flint, bronze, or obsidian.

The razor would be sharpened and then used to shave off the hair. It was a tedious process and required a skilled hand to avoid injuring oneself.


Another method that was popular in ancient times was scraping. This involved using a sharp tool like a knife or scraper to scrape away the hair. The tool would be held at an angle against the scalp, and then scraped across the head to remove the hair.


A more painful method was twisting. This involved twisting sections of hair tightly until it formed a knot close to the scalp. Then, a sharp tool would be used to cut off the knot, taking all the hair with it.


In some cultures, burning was used as a means of cutting hair. A candle or torch would be lit and then moved quickly along the length of the hair until it burned off at the desired length.

Thinning Shears

By medieval times, thinning shears had been invented which would allow for more precise cuts without sacrificing length. These shears had one straight blade and one serrated blade which could thin out sections of hair without completely removing them.

  • In conclusion, while we may take our modern tools for granted, our ancestors had several creative ways to keep their hairstyles in check.
  • From razors to burning, twisting to thinning shears, there was always a means of achieving the desired look.
  • It’s amazing how inventive humans can be when faced with a problem that needs solving.

So next time you visit your hairdresser, take a moment to appreciate the convenience of modern tools and the ingenuity of those who came before us.