How Did Women in Ancient Times Shave?

Have you ever wondered how women in ancient times managed to keep themselves groomed? One question that often comes up is how did they shave?

In modern times, there are many options available to women for hair removal, including shaving, waxing, and laser hair removal. But what did women do in ancient times before these options were available?

Shaving with Sharp Tools

One of the most common methods of hair removal in ancient times was shaving with sharp tools. Women would use anything from sharpened stones and shells to bronze razors to remove unwanted hair. This method was not only used for facial hair but also for pubic and body hair.

The process of shaving was a delicate one and required a lot of skill. Women had to be careful not to cut themselves while using these sharp tools. They would often use oils or creams to soften the hair before shaving, making it easier to remove.

Epilation with Tweezers

Another method of hair removal that was popular among women in ancient times was epilation with tweezers. This method involved plucking individual hairs out by the root using a pair of tweezers. This method was more time-consuming than shaving but provided longer-lasting results.

Women who used this method often had to endure a great deal of pain as they plucked each individual hair from their skin. Despite the discomfort, many women preferred this method as it prevented stubble growth and kept their skin smoother for longer periods.


Sugaring is another method that has been used for centuries by women in ancient times. Sugaring involves applying a sticky paste made from sugar, lemon juice, and water onto the skin. The paste is then removed along with the unwanted hairs by pulling it off quickly.

This method is similar to waxing but uses all-natural ingredients instead of synthetic wax. Sugaring is still a popular method of hair removal in some parts of the world today.


In conclusion, women in ancient times had several options for hair removal, including shaving with sharp tools, epilation with tweezers, and sugaring. Each method had its own advantages and disadvantages, but all were effective in removing unwanted hair.

While these methods may seem primitive compared to modern techniques, they were the only options available to women at the time. Despite the challenges they faced, women in ancient times found ways to keep themselves groomed and beautiful.