How Do You Ace AP World History?

If you’re looking to ace your AP World History exam, then you’re in the right place. This comprehensive guide will help you prepare for the exam and give you tips on how to succeed.

Understand the Exam Format

Before diving into your studies, it’s important to understand the format of the AP World History exam. The test is broken down into two parts: multiple-choice questions and free-response questions.

The multiple-choice section consists of 55 questions that you’ll have 55 minutes to complete. The free-response section is broken down into two parts: a document-based question (DBQ) and a long essay question (LEQ). You’ll have 45 minutes to complete the DBQ and 35 minutes to complete the LEQ.

Create a Study Plan

With so much material to cover, creating a study plan is essential. Start by reviewing your class notes and textbook, then supplement with outside resources like review books or online articles.

Make sure to break down your study plan by topic or time period. This will help ensure that you cover all necessary material in an organized manner.


Use flashcards to memorize key terms, events, and people. This will make it easier to recall information during the exam.

Take Practice Tests

Taking practice tests is crucial for success on the AP World History exam. Not only do they help identify areas where you need improvement, but they also give you an idea of what to expect on test day.

Make sure to time yourself while taking practice tests so that you can get used to working under pressure. Additionally, review each question carefully after completing the test so that you can identify where mistakes were made.


Join or create a study group with classmates who are also taking the AP World History exam. This will provide an opportunity to discuss difficult concepts and practice answering questions together.

Know Your Essay Structure

The free-response section of the AP World History exam requires you to write two essays: a DBQ and an LEQ. Understanding the structure of these essays is essential for success.

The DBQ requires you to analyze a set of primary sources and develop an argument based on those sources. Make sure to organize your essay around this argument and use evidence from the sources to support it.

The LEQ requires you to answer a question based on a specific time period or theme. Make sure to organize your essay into a clear introduction, body, and conclusion, and use specific examples from history to support your argument.


Practice outlining your essays before writing them. This will help ensure that you have a clear structure and that all necessary information is included.

Stay Calm on Test Day

On test day, it’s important to stay calm and focused. Make sure to get a good night’s sleep beforehand and eat a healthy breakfast on the day of the exam.

During the test, read each question carefully and take your time answering each one. If you get stuck on a particular question, move on and come back to it later.


Bring extra pencils, erasers, and pens in case of any issues with your initial supplies.

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to acing the AP World History exam. Good luck!