How Do You Explain Jesus Is the Bread of Life to Children?

Explaining the concept of Jesus being the Bread of Life to children can be a challenging task. It is a metaphorical concept that can be difficult for them to understand. However, with the right explanation, even young children can grasp the significance of this phrase.

What does Bread of Life mean?

The term “Bread of Life” comes from a story in the Bible where Jesus feeds thousands of people with just five loaves of bread and two fish. After everyone had eaten, there were still twelve baskets full of food left over.

But Jesus wasn’t just performing a miracle; he was also trying to teach his followers and those around him an important lesson. Jesus wanted them to understand that he was more than just a physical being – he was also spiritual nourishment for their souls.

Why is Jesus called the Bread of Life?

Jesus is called the Bread of Life because, like bread, he satisfies our hunger and gives us sustenance. But unlike regular bread, which only provides temporary satisfaction, Jesus offers eternal nourishment for our souls.

Just as we need physical food to keep our bodies healthy and strong, we also need spiritual food to keep our souls healthy and strong. This spiritual food comes from having a relationship with Jesus and studying his teachings.

How can you explain this concept to children?

To help children understand this concept, you can use simple language and examples that they can relate to. For example:

  • You know how when you are hungry, you eat food so you won’t feel hungry anymore? Well, when we feel empty inside or sad or scared or alone – things that make us feel hurt inside – we need something special to make us feel better.

    That special thing is like the Bread of Life.

  • Just like how eating healthy food helps our bodies grow strong and healthy on earth, having a relationship with Jesus and following his teachings helps our souls grow strong and healthy too.
  • Jesus gives us something like a special food for our souls when we talk to him and read his words. It’s like he’s feeding us with love, hope, and good things to make us feel better inside.


In conclusion, explaining the concept of Jesus as the Bread of Life to children can be done in simple terms using everyday examples. By helping them understand that just as we need physical food for our bodies, we also need spiritual food for our souls, children can begin to grasp the significance of this metaphorical phrase. Jesus offers eternal nourishment that satisfies the hunger of our souls – a message that can be understood even by the youngest believers.