How Do You Show That You Honor Jesus as a King in Your Life?

As Christians, we believe that Jesus is not only our Savior but also our King. We honor Him as our King by living a life that reflects His teachings and values.

But how do we show that we honor Jesus as a King in our daily lives? Here are some practical ways:

1. Obey His commands

Jesus said in John 14:15, “If you love me, keep my commands.” One way to show that we honor Jesus as our King is by obeying His commands.

This means living a life that is aligned with His teachings in the Bible. We can start by reading the Bible regularly and applying its principles in our lives.

2. Worship Him

Worship is not just singing songs on Sunday mornings. It’s an attitude of the heart that acknowledges Jesus’ worthiness and greatness. We can worship Jesus by praying, praising Him, and expressing gratitude for what He has done for us.

3. Serve others

Jesus said in Matthew 25:40, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Serving others is a way to honor Jesus as our King because it reflects His servant leadership style. We can serve others by volunteering at a local charity or church, helping a neighbor in need, or simply being kind to those around us.

4. Share the gospel

Jesus commissioned His disciples to go and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19-20). Sharing the gospel with others is a way to honor Jesus as our King because it expands His kingdom on earth. We can share the gospel by telling others about Jesus’ love and sacrifice for us, inviting them to church or Bible study, or simply living out our faith in front of them.

5. Live with integrity

Integrity is living a life that is consistent with our beliefs and values. We honor Jesus as our King by living with integrity because it shows that we take our faith seriously. We can live with integrity by being honest, keeping our promises, and treating others with respect.

In conclusion, honoring Jesus as our King is not just a matter of words but also of actions. We can show that we honor Him by obeying His commands, worshiping Him, serving others, sharing the gospel, and living with integrity. Let’s strive to live a life that reflects Jesus’ teachings and values so that we may bring glory to His name.