How Do You Take AP World History Notes?

Taking notes is an important part of studying, especially when it comes to a subject as vast and complex as AP World History. It can be difficult to know where to start and what information to include in your notes. In this article, we will discuss some tips and strategies for taking effective notes in AP World History.

1. Use bullet points

One of the most effective ways to take notes in AP World History is by using bullet points. This allows you to capture important information quickly and efficiently without getting bogged down in unnecessary details. Use bullet points to list key events, people, and concepts that you need to remember.

2. Organize your notes by theme

AP World History covers a vast amount of material, so it’s important to organize your notes by theme. This will help you remember the information more easily and make connections between different topics. For example, you could organize your notes by time period or by geographic region.

3. Use abbreviations

Another way to make note-taking more efficient is by using abbreviations. This can help you save time when writing down longer words or phrases.

For example, you could use “R” for “Renaissance” or “Enl.” for “Enlightenment.”

4. Highlight key terms

When taking notes in AP World History, it’s important to identify key terms that are likely to appear on exams or assignments. To help these terms stand out, consider highlighting them in your notes using a bright color or bold font.

5. Make connections between different topics

AP World History covers a wide range of topics that are often interconnected. To help you see these connections more clearly, try linking related concepts together in your notes using arrows or brackets.

6. Review your notes regularly

Finally, it’s important to review your notes regularly to reinforce what you’ve learned and identify any areas where you may need additional help. Set aside time each week to review your notes and make any necessary revisions.


Taking effective notes in AP World History can be a challenge, but by using these tips and strategies, you can improve your note-taking skills and increase your chances of success on exams and assignments. Remember to stay organized, use abbreviations, highlight key terms, make connections between topics, and review your notes regularly.