How Do You Take Cornell Notes in AP World History?

Are you struggling to take effective notes in your AP World History class? Have you tried various note-taking methods but none of them seem to work for you?

Look no further! Cornell Notes might just be the solution to your note-taking woes.

What are Cornell Notes?

Cornell Notes is a popular note-taking system that was developed by Walter Pauk, an education professor at Cornell University. This method involves dividing your note paper into three sections – a small column on the left, a larger column on the right, and a space at the bottom.

The left column is for writing down study cues or questions, while the right column is for taking notes. The space at the bottom is for summarizing your notes.

Why use Cornell Notes?

Cornell Notes are an efficient way of organizing information and retaining it better in memory. This method allows you to summarize key points and concepts, while also providing space for questions and personal reflections. It also encourages active engagement with the material by promoting critical thinking and analysis.

How to take Cornell Notes in AP World History

1. Start by dividing your paper into three sections as mentioned earlier – a small column on the left, a larger column on the right, and a space at the bottom.

2. Use the left column to write down important study cues or questions related to the topic being discussed in class. This will help you stay focused and engaged during lectures.

3. In the larger right-hand column, take detailed notes of what is being discussed in class. Listen carefully to what your teacher is saying and try to identify key points or concepts that are being emphasized.

4. Use abbreviations and symbols when possible to make note-taking faster. For instance, use arrows (→) or asterisks (*) to indicate important points or concepts.

5. After class, take some time to review your notes and summarize them in the space at the bottom of the page. This will help you retain the information better and also provide a quick overview of what you have learned.

Tips for effective Cornell Notes

1. Use headings and subheadings to organize your notes. This will make it easier to review your notes later on. Use different colors or highlighters to emphasize important points or concepts. Try to write legibly and avoid using shorthand that only you can understand. Stay focused during lectures and try to identify key points or concepts that are being emphasized by your teacher. Review your notes regularly to reinforce your memory of the material.


Cornell Notes is an effective note-taking system that can be used in a variety of subjects, including AP World History. By dividing your paper into three sections and following a structured approach to note-taking, you can better organize information, retain it in memory, and engage with the material more actively. With practice, Cornell Notes can become an invaluable tool for academic success!