How Does History of the World Part 1 End?

History of the World Part 1 is a satirical comedy film that was released in 1981. The movie, directed by Mel Brooks, is a parody of historical events and figures.

It consists of four different segments that cover different periods in history, from the Stone Age to the French Revolution. However, despite its name, the movie does not have a part 2. So how does it end?

The final segment of History of the World Part 1 is titled “The Jews in Space.” It takes place in the distant future, where Jews have colonized other planets and are being persecuted by an evil empire. The segment is a parody of Star Wars and other space operas.

In the end, the Jews are able to defeat the evil empire with their superior intellect and technology. They then celebrate their victory with a musical number called “Jews in Space,” which features lyrics such as “We’re Jews out in space / We’re zooming along protecting our race.”

The movie then ends with a shot of Earth from space, as various Jewish symbols (such as menorahs and Stars of David) appear in orbit around it.

While History of the World Part 1 may not have a traditional ending, its final segment serves as a fitting conclusion to its satirical take on history. The movie’s use of humor and parody allows viewers to approach complex historical events and figures from a fresh perspective.

Overall, History of the World Part 1 is an entertaining romp through history that uses humor and satire to make viewers think about how we understand our past. Its finale may not tie up loose ends neatly, but it serves as a reminder that history is always open-ended and subject to interpretation.