How Does Jesus Teaching on Prayer Speak to You About Your Prayer Life?

Prayer is an essential part of the Christian faith. It’s through prayer that we connect with God, seek His guidance, and find comfort in His presence.

As Christians, we look to Jesus as a model for how to live our lives, including how to pray. In this article, we’ll explore how Jesus’ teaching on prayer speaks to us about our own prayer lives.

What Did Jesus Teach About Prayer?

Jesus taught about prayer in several instances throughout the Bible. One of the most famous teachings on prayer is found in Matthew 6:9-13, where Jesus gives his disciples a model for praying known as the Lord’s Prayer. This prayer is still recited by Christians around the world today.

In addition to the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus also taught about persistence in prayer (Luke 18:1-8), praying with faith (Mark 11:22-24), and praying with humility (Luke 18:9-14). He emphasized that when we pray, we should do so in secret and not for show (Matthew 6:5-6).

How Does This Teaching Speak to You?

As Christians, it’s important that we take Jesus’ teachings on prayer seriously and apply them to our own lives. Here are a few ways that his teaching can speak to us:


Jesus taught that persistence in prayer is important. We should not give up if we don’t receive an immediate answer from God. Instead, we should continue to pray and trust that God will answer us in His timing.

This teaching can be applied to our own lives by reminding us not to give up on our prayers when things don’t go according to plan. We can trust that God is listening and working behind the scenes.


Another important teaching from Jesus is praying with faith. He taught that if we have faith in God, we can move mountains (Mark 11:23-24). This means that when we pray, we should have faith that God will answer our prayers in the way that is best for us.

This teaching can be applied to our own lives by reminding us to pray with confidence and trust in God’s plan. We can approach prayer with the knowledge that God is faithful and will answer our prayers according to His will.


Jesus also emphasized the importance of praying with humility. He told a parable about a Pharisee and a tax collector who both went to the temple to pray.

The Pharisee prayed with pride, thanking God that he was not like other people. The tax collector, on the other hand, prayed with humility and asked for mercy (Luke 18:9-14).

This teaching can be applied to our own lives by reminding us to approach prayer with a humble heart. We should acknowledge our own shortcomings and ask for forgiveness when necessary.


Jesus’ teachings on prayer are just as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago. As Christians, we should take these teachings seriously and apply them to our own prayer lives. By praying with persistence, faith, and humility, we can connect more deeply with God and find comfort in His presence.