How Does Jesus Train His Disciples?

Jesus Christ is one of the most revered spiritual leaders in the world. He has been a source of inspiration for millions of people across the globe.

One of the most significant aspects of Jesus’ ministry was his training of disciples. Jesus took an uneducated group of men and transformed them into powerful leaders who would go on to spread his message to all corners of the world.

What was Jesus’ approach to training his disciples?

Jesus’ approach to training his disciples was unique and effective. He did not use traditional methods of teaching, but instead, he used experiential learning. Jesus knew that knowledge alone was not enough; practical application was equally important.

Jesus taught his disciples through example. He showed them how to live a life dedicated to God and how to serve others with humility and love. His teachings were not limited to just words; he lived by his teachings, which made a lasting impression on his disciples.

How did Jesus teach?

Jesus taught through parables, stories that carried deeper meanings. His parables were simple yet profound, making them easy for people to understand and remember. He used everyday situations to illustrate spiritual truths, making it easier for people to relate to them.

Jesus also used questions as a tool for teaching. He would ask questions that would challenge his disciples’ thinking and encourage them to think deeply about their beliefs and values.

  • One example is when he asked Peter, “Who do you say I am?” This question challenged Peter’s understanding of who Jesus was and helped him develop a deeper relationship with him.
  • Another instance is when he asked the rich young ruler what he needed to do to inherit eternal life.

Jesus also taught through experiences. He took his disciples on journeys where they encountered different situations and learned important lessons along the way.

What were some key lessons that Jesus taught his disciples?

Jesus taught his disciples many lessons, some of which are still relevant today. Here are a few examples:


Jesus taught his disciples the importance of humility and service. He demonstrated this by washing his disciples’ feet, a task that was reserved for servants. This act showed his disciples that true leadership was about serving others and putting their needs before your own.


Jesus also emphasized the importance of love. He taught that love was the foundation of all relationships, and without it, nothing else mattered. He demonstrated this by loving even those who were considered outcasts in society.


Jesus taught his disciples to have faith in God and to trust in him. He showed them that faith was not just about believing but also about acting on that belief.


In conclusion, Jesus’ approach to training his disciples was unique and effective. His teachings were not limited to just words but also through example, parables, questions, and experiences. Jesus’ lessons on humility, love, and faith continue to inspire people today and serve as a guide for those seeking to live a life dedicated to God.