How Long Did Jesus Spend With His Disciples After Resurrection?

After his resurrection, Jesus spent a considerable amount of time with his disciples. The Bible provides several accounts of these interactions, giving us a glimpse into what happened during this crucial period.

The First Appearance

According to the Gospel of John, the first appearance of Jesus after his resurrection occurred on the evening of the same day he rose from the dead. The disciples were hiding in a locked room when Jesus suddenly appeared before them.

He showed them his hands and side, proving that he was indeed alive. The disciples were overjoyed to see their master again.

The Road to Emmaus

Another account comes from Luke’s Gospel, which tells us about two disciples who were traveling to Emmaus on the day of Jesus’ resurrection. As they walked along, a stranger joined them and began discussing Scripture with them. It wasn’t until they arrived at their destination that they realized this stranger was actually Jesus himself.

The Great Commission

Matthew’s Gospel tells us about an encounter between Jesus and his disciples in Galilee. Here Jesus gave them what is now known as the Great Commission: “Go and make disciples of all nations.” This was a pivotal moment for Christianity, as it marked the beginning of its spread throughout the world.

Forty Days

The book of Acts tells us that after his resurrection, Jesus spent forty days with his disciples before ascending into heaven. During this time, he continued to teach them and prepare them for their future ministry. He also appeared to many others, including over five hundred people at one time.


In conclusion, after his resurrection, Jesus spent a significant amount of time with his disciples before ascending into heaven. Through these encounters and teachings, he prepared them for their future ministry and laid the foundation for Christianity’s spread throughout the world. As believers today, we can take comfort in knowing that even after his death, Jesus continued to invest in his disciples and provide them with the guidance they needed.