How Many Did Jesus Bring Back to Life?

When we talk about miracles in the Bible, one of the most fascinating stories is that of Jesus bringing people back to life. The idea of someone being resurrected from the dead seems like a far-fetched concept, but for Christians, it’s a cornerstone of their faith.

But just how many people did Jesus bring back to life? Let’s explore this topic further.

The Resurrection of Lazarus

One of the most well-known stories in the Bible is that of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. According to John 11:1-44, Lazarus was a friend of Jesus who had died and been buried for four days when Jesus arrived on the scene. Despite objections from those around him, Jesus commanded Lazarus to rise from his tomb, and he did just that.

This story is significant not only because it shows Jesus’ power over death but also because it foreshadows his own resurrection. Lazarus’ resurrection is seen as a sign of what is to come for all believers.

The Widow’s Son

In Luke 7:11-17, we read about another instance where Jesus brought someone back to life. This time it was a widow’s son who had died and was being carried out for burial. When he saw her weeping, Jesus had compassion on her and raised her son from the dead.

This story illustrates not only Jesus’ power but also his compassion for those who are grieving. He understands our pain and has the ability to bring us comfort even in our darkest moments.

Jairus’ Daughter

In Mark 5:21-43 and Luke 8:40-56, we read about yet another instance where Jesus brought someone back to life. This time it was Jairus’ daughter who had died while he was seeking help from Jesus.

When they arrived at Jairus’ house, Jesus told the mourners that the girl was only sleeping. He then took her by the hand and commanded her to rise, and she did just that.

This story shows us that even when it seems like all hope is lost, Jesus can still perform miracles. We can trust in him to bring life out of death and to turn our mourning into joy.

The Resurrection of Jesus

Of course, the most significant resurrection in the Bible is that of Jesus himself. According to all four Gospels, Jesus was crucified and buried but on the third day, he rose from the dead. This event is the foundation of Christian faith and demonstrates that Jesus truly has power over death.


So how many people did Jesus bring back to life? The answer depends on how you define “bring back to life.”

If we’re talking about people who were dead and then came back to life through his power, there were at least three: Lazarus, the widow’s son, and Jairus’ daughter. But ultimately, it’s not about the number of people who were resurrected but rather what those resurrections signify: that through his death and resurrection, Jesus has conquered death for all believers.