How Many Disciples Did Jesus Have After His Resurrection?

After Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection, there is much debate over the number of disciples he had. Some believe that he had only 11 disciples after the death of Judas Iscariot, while others argue that he had more. Let’s explore this topic in more detail.

The Bible’s Account

According to the Bible, Jesus had 12 disciples during his ministry on earth. However, after Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus and then died by suicide, there were only 11 remaining disciples. In Matthew 28:16-20, it says that after his resurrection, Jesus appeared to the 11 disciples in Galilee and gave them the Great Commission to go and make disciples of all nations.

Other Accounts

Some scholars argue that Jesus may have had more than just the 12 original disciples. For example, in Luke 10:1-24, it says that Jesus appointed 70 or 72 (depending on the version) other followers to go ahead of him and prepare towns for his arrival. While these individuals are not referred to as “disciples,” they were still chosen by Jesus and sent out to do his work.

Additionally, there are references in the Bible to other followers who traveled with Jesus during his ministry but were not part of the inner circle of disciples. For example, Mary Magdalene is often mentioned as a follower of Jesus who witnessed his crucifixion and resurrection.


In conclusion, while there is some debate over how many disciples Jesus had after his resurrection, it is generally agreed upon that there were at least 11 remaining disciples who continued his work after his death. Regardless of the exact number, it is clear that Jesus’ teachings continue to impact people around the world today.