How Many Disciples Did Jesus Have During the Last Supper?

The Last Supper is one of the most significant events in Christian history. It was during this event that Jesus Christ shared his last meal with his disciples before his crucifixion.

However, there has always been some confusion over how many disciples were present during the Last Supper. In this article, we will try to answer this question.

What is the Last Supper?

The Last Supper was a meal that Jesus Christ shared with his 12 disciples before he was betrayed by Judas Iscariot and subsequently crucified. It is believed to have taken place on Maundy Thursday, which is commemorated as Holy Thursday in Christianity.

How Many Disciples Did Jesus Have During the Last Supper?

According to the Bible, Jesus had 12 disciples during the Last Supper. These disciples were Simon Peter, James and John (the sons of Zebedee), Andrew, Philip, Bartholomew (also known as Nathaniel), Matthew (also known as Levi), Thomas, James (the son of Alphaeus), Thaddaeus (also known as Judas, son of James), Simon the Zealot, and Judas Iscariot.

What Happened During the Last Supper?

During the Last Supper, Jesus took bread and wine and gave it to his disciples, saying “Take this and eat it. This is my body.”

He then took a cup of wine and said “Drink from it all of you. This is my blood.” This act is now known as Communion or Eucharist in Christianity.

Jesus also predicted that one of his disciples would betray him. This led to a discussion among the disciples about who would do such a thing. Judas Iscariot eventually admitted to being the one who would betray Jesus.


In conclusion, Jesus had 12 disciples during the Last Supper. This event is significant in Christianity as it marks the beginning of the Passion of Christ, which ultimately led to his crucifixion and resurrection. The Last Supper also serves as a reminder to Christians of the sacrifice that Jesus made for humanity and the importance of Communion in their faith.