How Many Disciples Did Jesus Leave Behind?

When Jesus Christ was alive, he had a group of followers that were called his disciples. These disciples were chosen by Jesus himself to spread the word of God and continue his teachings even after his death.

But how many disciples did Jesus leave behind? Let’s explore.

Who Were the Disciples of Jesus?

The disciples of Jesus were a group of twelve men who were chosen by him to be his closest followers. These men were Simon Peter, James, John, Andrew, Philip, Bartholomew, Matthew, Thomas, James (son of Alphaeus), Thaddaeus (also known as Judas son of James), Simon the Zealot, and Judas Iscariot.

What Happened to the Disciples?

After the death of Jesus Christ, his disciples continued to spread his teachings throughout the world. However, not all of them had a peaceful end.

Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus and later hanged himself in remorse. James was martyred by King Herod Agrippa I in 44 AD. Simon Peter was also martyred in Rome under Emperor Nero’s reign.

How Many Disciples Did Jesus Leave Behind?

As mentioned earlier, there were twelve original disciples chosen by Jesus. However, after Judas Iscariot betrayed him and took his own life, there were only eleven left.

But that is not where the story ends. After the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, he appeared to his disciples multiple times over a period of forty days before ascending into heaven. During this time he also chose another disciple named Matthias to replace Judas Iscariot.

So in total there were thirteen disciples: Simon Peter, James son of Zebedee (James the Greater), John (John the Evangelist), Andrew, Philip, Bartholomew (Nathanael), Matthew (Levi), Thomas (Didymus), James son of Alphaeus, Thaddaeus (Judas son of James), Simon the Zealot, Judas Iscariot, and Matthias.


Jesus Christ left behind a group of twelve disciples who were chosen to spread his word throughout the world. Even after his death, they continued to follow his teachings and spread the gospel. Although not all of them had a peaceful end, their legacy lives on through the New Testament and the Christian faith.