How Many Miracles Did Jesus Perform After Resurrection?

After Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection, many people were curious about the number of miracles that he performed. While the Bible does not provide a specific count, it is believed that Jesus performed several miracles after his resurrection.

One of the most notable miracles happened on the road to Emmaus. As two disciples were walking and discussing Jesus’ death and resurrection, a stranger joined them and started talking with them.

It was only when they sat down to eat bread together that they recognized the stranger as Jesus. This miraculous event strengthened the disciples’ faith and gave them hope for the future.

Another notable event occurred when Jesus appeared to his disciples in a locked room. Despite the locked doors, Jesus was able to enter and speak with them. This miracle demonstrated Jesus’ divine power over physical barriers and showed his followers that he was truly resurrected.

In addition to these two events, there are many other accounts of miracles that occurred after Jesus’ resurrection. For example, when Peter healed a man who had been lame since birth, he attributed the healing power to faith in Jesus’ name (Acts 3:16). Similarly, Paul healed a man who had been crippled since birth by commanding him to stand up (Acts 14:8-10).

Overall, it is clear from these accounts that Jesus continued to perform miracles after his resurrection as evidence of his divinity and power over death. While we may never know exactly how many miracles he performed during this time, it is clear that each one served as a powerful testament to his followers’ faith in him.


In conclusion, while we cannot know for sure how many miracles Jesus performed after his resurrection, there are several documented accounts of miraculous events that occurred during this time period. These events served as powerful reminders of Jesus’ divinity and helped strengthen the faith of his followers. As Christians today, we can look back on these events with awe and wonder, knowing that they provide evidence of the miraculous power of our Lord and Savior.