How Many of the Disciples Were Related to Jesus?

Many people are curious about the relationship between Jesus and his disciples. Were any of them related to him? In this article, we will explore this question in detail.

Who were the disciples?

Before delving into the question of their relationship to Jesus, it is important to understand who the disciples were. The disciples were a group of twelve men who followed Jesus during his ministry on earth. They were chosen by Jesus himself and were tasked with spreading his message to others.

Were any of the disciples related to Jesus?

The short answer is that there is no definitive proof that any of the twelve disciples were related to Jesus. However, there are some clues in the Bible that suggest a few of them may have been.

James and John

James and John were brothers who were both among the twelve disciples. In Mark 1:19-20, it says that Jesus called them while they were fishing with their father Zebedee. This suggests that at least one of them had a family connection to Zebedee.

In Matthew 27:56 and Mark 15:40, it mentions a woman named Salome who was present at Jesus’ crucifixion. Some scholars believe that this was actually the mother of James and John, which would mean they were cousins of Jesus.

James the Less

There was another disciple named James who is referred to as “the Less” or “the Younger” in order to distinguish him from James, son of Zebedee. Not much is known about James the Less, but in Mark 15:40 it says that he was present at Jesus’ crucifixion along with a woman named Mary who was described as his mother. Some scholars believe that this Mary may have been a sister or cousin of Mary, mother of Jesus.


Judas Iscariot is perhaps the most infamous of the twelve disciples because he betrayed Jesus. While there is no evidence to suggest that Judas was related to Jesus, some scholars have speculated that his surname “Iscariot” may have been derived from the Hebrew word “Ish Kerioth,” which means “man of Kerioth.” This has led some to believe that Judas may have come from a town called Kerioth, which was located in the region of Judea where Jesus grew up.


While there is no concrete evidence to prove that any of the twelve disciples were related to Jesus, there are certainly some clues in the Bible that suggest a few of them may have been. Regardless of their familial connections, however, all twelve disciples played an important role in spreading the message of Jesus and his teachings throughout the world.