How Many People Did Jesus Appear to After the Resurrection?

After the resurrection of Jesus Christ, there were many questions that arose regarding the events that occurred. One of the most commonly asked questions was, “How many people did Jesus appear to after the resurrection?” This question has been debated and discussed for centuries, and the answer is not as straightforward as one might think.

Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene

The first recorded appearance of Jesus after His resurrection was to Mary Magdalene. Mary had gone to the tomb early on Sunday morning and found it empty.

She was weeping outside the tomb when Jesus appeared to her. At first, she thought He was the gardener but then recognized Him when He spoke her name. This encounter is described in John 20:11-18.

Jesus Appears to Two Disciples on the Road to Emmaus

On the same day, two disciples were walking from Jerusalem to Emmaus when Jesus joined them on their journey. They did not recognize Him at first, but as they walked and talked with Him, their eyes were opened, and they recognized Him. This encounter is described in Luke 24:13-35.

Jesus Appears to His Disciples Without Thomas

Later that same day, Jesus appeared to His disciples while they were gathered together in a locked room. Thomas was not present at this time.

Jesus showed them His wounds from His crucifixion and ate with them. This encounter is described in John 20:19-23.

Jesus Appears to His Disciples With Thomas

A week later, Jesus appeared again to His disciples while Thomas was present this time. He showed Thomas His wounds and allowed him to touch them so that he would believe that it was really Him. This encounter is described in John 20:24-29.

Jesus Appears to Seven Disciples by the Sea of Galilee

After the disciples had returned to Galilee, Jesus appeared to them while they were fishing. He called out to them from the shore and told them to cast their net on the other side of the boat.

When they did, they caught so many fish that they were unable to haul in the net. They then recognized Jesus and went ashore where He had prepared breakfast for them. This encounter is described in John 21:1-14.

Jesus Appears to More Than Five Hundred People

In 1 Corinthians 15:6, it is mentioned that Jesus appeared to more than five hundred people at once, most of whom were still alive at the time of Paul’s writing.


In conclusion, there were multiple appearances of Jesus after His resurrection. These appearances were not limited to His disciples but included Mary Magdalene and more than five hundred people at once.

Each encounter was unique and served a specific purpose in demonstrating that Jesus had indeed risen from the dead. The accounts of these appearances are recorded in the Bible and continue to be studied and debated by scholars and theologians alike.