How Many People Work in the Natural History Museum London?

The Natural History Museum in London is one of the most famous museums in the world. It is home to a vast collection of specimens and artifacts that help us understand the natural world and its history.

The museum attracts millions of visitors every year, but have you ever wondered how many people work behind the scenes to keep everything running smoothly? Let’s take a closer look.

Staffing at the Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum London employs over 1,000 staff members across a wide range of roles. From curators and researchers to education officers and administrators, there is a diverse team working together to make sure that the museum operates efficiently.

Curatorial staff

The curatorial staff at the Natural History Museum are responsible for managing and researching the collections. They work to identify and classify new specimens, as well as maintaining existing ones. There are over 300 curators at the museum, each with their own area of expertise.

Research staff

The research staff at the museum conduct investigations into various areas of natural history. They use the collections as well as other resources such as fieldwork to build knowledge about different aspects of life on earth. There are around 200 researchers working at any given time.

Other museum staff

In addition to those directly involved in curating and researching the collections, there are many other roles within the museum. These include education officers who develop programs and resources for visitors, marketing and communications teams who promote events and exhibitions, security personnel who ensure safety within the building, and administrative staff who manage finances, HR, and other aspects of running an organization.

The importance of staffing at museums

Museums such as the Natural History Museum play an important role in preserving our cultural heritage and promoting understanding about different aspects of life on earth. However, they cannot do this without a dedicated team of staff working behind the scenes. The curators, researchers, and other museum staff are all essential to keeping the museum functioning smoothly and providing visitors with an enriching experience.


In conclusion, the Natural History Museum London employs over 1,000 staff members across a range of roles. These individuals work together to manage and research the collections, develop programs for visitors, promote the museum’s events and exhibitions, ensure safety within the building and manage administrative tasks. Without these essential staff members, museums would not be able to carry out their important work in preserving our natural history for future generations.