How Many Times Did Jesus Appear After the Resurrection?

After Jesus’ crucifixion, death, and burial, He rose from the dead on the third day. This miraculous event is known as the Resurrection and is considered to be a central doctrine of Christianity.

However, what happened afterward? How many times did Jesus appear to His disciples and followers before His ascension to heaven?

The First Appearance

According to the Bible, Jesus first appeared to Mary Magdalene early on Sunday morning after His resurrection. Mary was one of Jesus’ closest followers who had witnessed His crucifixion and burial.

She went to the tomb where Jesus had been laid and found it empty. Then, Jesus appeared to her outside the tomb. Mary was overjoyed at seeing her Lord alive again.

The Appearance to the Disciples

Later that same day, Jesus appeared to a group of his disciples who were gathered together in a locked room in Jerusalem. They were afraid of being arrested because they were associated with Jesus.

Suddenly, Jesus appeared among them and said, “Peace be with you.” The disciples were overjoyed at seeing their Lord alive again.

The Appearance on the Road to Emmaus

On another occasion after His resurrection, two of Jesus’ followers were walking along a road from Jerusalem to Emmaus when they encountered a stranger who joined them on their journey. The stranger turned out to be none other than Jesus Himself! However, they did not recognize Him until He broke bread with them.

The Appearance by the Sea of Galilee

Afterward, Peter and some other disciples decided to go fishing on the Sea of Galilee. They caught nothing all night until a man on shore called out to them and told them where to cast their nets.

When they did so, they caught so many fish that their nets began to break! The man turned out to be none other than Jesus Himself.

The Appearance to over 500 People

The Apostle Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 15:6 that Jesus appeared to over 500 people at one time. However, the Bible does not give us any details about this appearance.

The Ascension

After these appearances, Jesus ascended into heaven in the presence of His disciples. They watched as He was taken up into the clouds until He disappeared from their sight. Two angels appeared and told them that Jesus would one day return in the same way He had left.


In conclusion, Jesus appeared multiple times after His resurrection. He appeared to Mary Magdalene, the disciples, two followers on the road to Emmaus, by the Sea of Galilee, and to over 500 people at once.

These appearances were meant to show that He had truly risen from the dead and was alive again. After spending forty days with His disciples, Jesus ascended into heaven, promising to return one day.