How Many Times Did Jesus Appeared to His Disciples?

Throughout the Bible, we read about Jesus appearing before his disciples after his resurrection. The number of times he appeared to them varies depending on the gospel accounts. Let’s take a look at the different instances where Jesus appeared to his disciples.

The First Appearance

Jesus’ first appearance was to Mary Magdalene, who had come to visit his tomb. She saw that the stone had been removed and went to tell Peter and John.

After they left, she saw two angels in the tomb and turned around to see Jesus standing there. He spoke to her, and she recognized him.

Appearance to Two Disciples

On the same day, two of Jesus’ disciples were walking on the road to Emmaus when a stranger came up and walked with them. The stranger turned out to be Jesus, who explained how all of Scripture pointed toward his death and resurrection.

Appearance in a Locked Room

On the evening of Jesus’ resurrection, he appeared before his disciples who were gathered together in a locked room for fear of being arrested by the Jewish leaders. He showed them his hands and side, proving that he was indeed alive.

Appearance on the Beach

After some time had passed, seven of Jesus’ disciples were fishing on the Sea of Galilee when they saw someone standing on the shore. It was Jesus calling out to them, asking if they had caught anything. When they replied no, he told them to cast their nets again, which resulted in an incredible catch.

Appearance on a Mountain

In Matthew’s gospel account, it is written that after Mary Magdalene and another Mary met with Jesus outside of his tomb, he instructed them to tell his disciples to go meet him in Galilee. There he appeared before them once more on a mountain where he gave them what is now known as the Great Commission, to go and make disciples of all nations.


All in all, Jesus appeared before his disciples at least five times after his resurrection. These appearances were meant to prove to them that he had indeed risen from the dead and fulfilled what he had prophesied about himself. Through these appearances, his disciples were given the strength and hope they needed to continue on with the mission that Jesus had given them.