How Many Times Did Jesus Come Back After the Resurrection?

After the resurrection of Jesus Christ, He appeared several times to His followers. The Bible recounts these instances, and they are significant in shaping the foundation of Christianity. Let’s dive into how many times Jesus came back after the resurrection.

First Appearance

The first appearance of Jesus was to Mary Magdalene. She had come to the tomb on the third day to anoint His body with spices. However, she found the tomb empty, and an angel told her that Jesus had risen from the dead. As she turned around, she saw Jesus standing there but did not recognize Him at first.

Jesus spoke to her and said, “Woman, why are you weeping?

Whom are you seeking?” Mary, thinking He was a gardener, asked if He knew where they had taken Jesus’ body. Then Jesus said her name, and she realized it was Him.

Appearances to Disciples

Jesus also appeared to His disciples several times after His resurrection. The first time, He appeared to them in a locked room where they were hiding for fear of the Jews.

Thomas was not present at that time and doubted when his fellow disciples told him about it later.

A week later, Jesus again appeared in the same locked room where Thomas was present this time. After seeing Him and touching His wounds, Thomas believed.

Appearance at Sea of Galilee

In another instance recorded in John’s gospel chapter 21:1-14, seven of His disciples went fishing on the Sea of Galilee but did not catch anything all night. In the morning as they were returning to shore, they saw a man standing on the beach who told them to cast their net on the right side of their boat.

They caught so many fish that they could hardly haul them in.

When they got to the shore, they realized that the man was Jesus. He had prepared breakfast for them and ate with them. It was during this time that He restored Peter who had denied Him three times before His crucifixion.

Appearance to More Than 500 People

After His resurrection, Jesus appeared to more than 500 people at once. This event is recorded in 1 Corinthians 15:6, and it was significant in proving that Jesus was indeed alive. The apostle Paul wrote this letter to the Corinthians, and he urged them to hold fast to the gospel message that they had received.

Appearance before Ascension

The last appearance of Jesus before His ascension into heaven was on a mountain in Galilee. He appeared to a group of disciples who were gathered there as He had instructed them. After reminding them of their mission, He blessed them and ascended into heaven.


In conclusion, Jesus made several appearances after His resurrection. Each of these appearances served a particular purpose and helped establish the truth about His resurrection. These accounts are not just historical events but also speak volumes about God’s love for humanity and His plan for our salvation.