How Many Times Was Jesus Seen After His Resurrection?

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is one of the most significant events in Christianity. It marks the triumph of life over death and gives believers hope for eternal life.

One question that often arises is, how many times was Jesus seen after his resurrection? Let’s explore this in more detail.

The Resurrection

According to the Bible, Jesus was crucified and buried in a tomb. However, on the third day, he rose from the dead and appeared to his disciples. This event is known as the resurrection and is celebrated by Christians around the world.

How Many Times Was Jesus Seen?

The Bible records several instances where Jesus appeared to his disciples after his resurrection. Here are some of them:

1. Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene was one of Jesus’ closest followers. She was present at his crucifixion and burial and went to the tomb on the third day to anoint his body.

However, she found that the stone had been rolled away, and Jesus’ body was missing. Suddenly, Jesus appeared to her, but she did not recognize him at first. When he spoke her name, she realized who he was (John 20:11-18).

2. The Disciples

Jesus appeared to his disciples several times after his resurrection.

On one occasion, he appeared to them while they were hiding behind locked doors (John 20:19-23). He showed them his wounds and breathed on them, saying “Receive the Holy Spirit.” He also appeared to them while they were fishing and prepared breakfast for them (John 21:1-14).

3. Thomas

Thomas was one of Jesus’ disciples who doubted that he had risen from the dead. However, when Jesus appeared to him and invited him to touch his wounds, Thomas believed (John 20:24-29).

4. Two Disciples on the Road to Emmaus

On the same day of his resurrection, Jesus appeared to two disciples who were walking on the road to Emmaus. They did not recognize him at first, but when he broke bread with them, their eyes were opened, and they realized who he was (Luke 24:13-35).


In conclusion, Jesus was seen by many people after his resurrection. These appearances are recorded in the Bible and provide evidence of his triumph over death. They also give believers hope for eternal life and a reason to celebrate Easter.