How Many Years Did Jesus Train His Disciples?

When we think of Jesus’ disciples, we often imagine a group of men who immediately dropped everything to follow Him. However, the truth is that Jesus spent several years training and preparing His disciples for their mission.

How long did Jesus train His disciples?

The exact duration of Jesus’ training of His disciples is not explicitly mentioned in the Bible. However, we can infer from various accounts that it took at least three years.

One indication of this comes from the Gospel of John. In John 2:13, it is written that Jesus went to Jerusalem for the Passover.

Then in John 5:1, it is mentioned that there was another feast in Jerusalem, which many scholars believe to be the Feast of Tabernacles. This means that there was a gap of about six months between these two events.

During this time, Jesus continued to teach and perform miracles, and His disciples were with Him. This suggests that they were already in training during this period.

Furthermore, in Matthew 4:19-20, we read about Jesus calling His first disciples – Simon Peter and Andrew – by the Sea of Galilee. He tells them to follow Him and promises to make them fishers of men. From this point on, they leave their fishing nets and begin following Jesus.

It is safe to assume that Jesus did not immediately send them out on their mission after they left their nets. Instead, He spent time teaching and mentoring them.

What did Jesus teach His disciples?

Jesus taught His disciples a variety of things during their time together. He taught them about God’s kingdom (Mark 4:11), how to pray (Luke 11:1-4), how to love one another (John 13:34-35), and how to serve others (Mark 10:43-45).

He also performed miracles in front of them as a way to demonstrate His power and authority. Through these miracles, He showed them that He was the Son of God and that they could trust Him completely.

What was the purpose of training the disciples?

The purpose of Jesus’ training of His disciples was to prepare them for their mission – to spread the gospel throughout the world. Jesus knew that He would not be with them forever, so He wanted to equip them with everything they needed to carry on His work after He was gone.

He also wanted to build a community of faithful followers who would continue His ministry. The disciples were not just students, but also friends and companions who shared in Jesus’ experiences and supported one another.


Although we do not know exactly how long Jesus trained His disciples, we can be certain that it took several years. During this time, He taught them about God’s kingdom, performed miracles, and prepared them for their mission.

The disciples’ training did not end with Jesus’ death and resurrection. Instead, they continued to learn and grow as they spread the gospel throughout the world. Their legacy lives on today as millions of Christians continue to follow in their footsteps.